About Salty Key

Salty Key founder and lead developer Michael Cook has over ten years of digital marketing experience.

Meet the Founder, Michael Cook

Before founding Salty Key in late 2015, Michael worked for multiple marketing and advertising agencies in the New Orleans area. Salty Key was started to focus specifically on website design and development.

Michael’s prior experience includes both traditional and digital marketing. He has overseen corporate newsletters and media buys on behalf of clients, directed social media campaigns, and managed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising for numerous companies.

Why Only Web Development?

Simply put, there’s a dire need for high-end web development that’s affordable for small- to medium-sized businesses.

A company’s most valuable marketing asset is its website. The success of any sales or marketing effort ultimately depends on how well the website performs. We concentrate solely on web development to ensure we’re staying ahead of the curve with any changes in WordPress development technologies, Google algorithm changes, security best practices, and anything else related to the quickly-evolving world of web development.