Our Prices

Price shouldn’t be a mystery. We promise all of our clients full transparency and disclosure when it comes to costs.

Imagine if every industry operated under price anonymity. Imagine going grocery shopping and not knowing what anything cost until you were ready to checkout. Unfortunately, this is reality for most marketing firms. No prices listed for any services — not even ballpark figures.

The excuse they give is that there’s no one single price for websites. Different sites have different features, functions, and capabilities and that needs to be priced accordingly. This isn’t wrong, but it’s still an excuse. Every agency has a minimum cost for new projects. Every agency can estimate the hours needed to develop a standard website.

Your business, like my business, operates on a budget and knowing what something will cost is important. I know you don’t have time to sit through a dozen sales pitches where we dance around price.

Starter Site

Custom-coded WordPress site


Site + Custom Programming

Starter Site + Custom Features

  • Custom WordPress site
  • Custom solution for features not available in native WordPress or off-the-shelf plugins

E-Commerce Site

Starter Site + Full Retail Capability

  • Custom WordPress site
  • e-Commerce software installed
  • Products loaded into e-store
  • Payment processors configured
  • Shipping options included

Web/IT Consulting

Counsel for web-related issues

  • Website/code audit
  • Website migrations
  • Hacked website repair
  • Website integration w/ 3rd-party apps & services

* Prices are not final, but this gives you an idea of what pricing will be.