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We focus exclusively on WordPress development to provide industry-leading, digitally-superior web solutions to our clients.

Building Your Digital Foundation

Salty Key gives its customers a complete web presence, going beyond just building static websites that never change. While your website is the anchor of your online brand, your site does you no good if nobody can find it.

Your company must be visible in search results related to your industry. Your brand must have an active voice in social media and other relevant channels. Your website must have fresh content — or else why would users ever come back?

How We Can Help

Web Development

Web Development

Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance

Web Consulting

Web/IT Consulting

  • Web Development. Salty Key specializes in building custom WordPress websites. Whether you’re looking to start fresh or add new features to an existing site, we’re ready to help. We have experience building e-commerce stores (WooCommerce and Shopify), membership sites, and much more.
  • Web Maintenance. We also offer ongoing maintenance services to help keep your site in top shape. We can assist with content changes, software/plugin updates, or even disaster management services like repairing hacked sites, DNS issues, or SEO penalties.
  • Web/IT Consulting. Finally, if you need counsel for non-WordPress-related web issues, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out with questions regarding hosting, digital marketing, or anything else that’s bugging you.

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If you’re ready to start your next project, or just have questions on how to accomplish your goals, feel free to reach out!

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