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We Create the Ultimate Web Experience for Your Brand

Salty Key Marketing exists to help your company build an entire web presence — one that attracts users through search, social, and other online channels and converts those users into customers. Our goal is not just to build websites and send bills. We’ve seen our share of clients who have become demoralized from “turn-and-burn” style agencies that produce huge invoices and leave their customers to fend for themselves. Our promised to you: we will never become that kind of agency. We're only successful if you're successful.

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We Create Digital Artwork

We take pride in creating unique, one-of-a-kind websites for our clients. You will not receive a generic, cookie-cutter site your competitors already have. We mix design with functionality: sites that look great but meet all of the needs of your customers, getting them the information they need in the quickest, most secure way possible.

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We want our sites to look great, but there's more to web design than looking pretty. If you're curious about our development process, here it is. These four principles guide every project we accept.

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Mobile-Friendly Design

If you hire a professional to build your site — it should look like it. Salty Key produces fully responsive websites that look great on all devices. With mobile web traffic at its highest peak, we can confidently say a site that doesn’t perform well on mobile devices will cost your business money. A recent Google survey found that 74% of respondents were more likely to return to a mobile-friendly site, while 61% were more likely to leave a mobile-unfriendly site. Outdated sites that look bad on phones annoy customers, and that's bad for business.

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Nothing ruins user experience more than a poor performing, tediously slow loading website. The problem is even worse for mobile users with slower connections. Salty Key makes every adjustment necessary to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible. From helping our clients choose proper hosting to optimizing every element on the page and double-checking that all files and minified and compressed — we pay extra close attention to detail. And you’d be surprised how many high-dollar agencies don’t.

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Salty Key takes every precaution to ensure your site is protected and safe from malware and attacks. A vulnerable site poses a myriad of threats to your business, like having your domain delisted from Google and other search engines and also losing sensitive information (e.g. stored passwords, user data). Security is a huge trust factor for users, and consistently ranks as a top concern regarding a company's image and reputation. A hacked website can result in debilitating Google penalties and loss of business — and we don't want anyone to experience that.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Launching your website is only the first step. People have to be able to find your site if you want it to be profitable. Salty Key will not abandon its customers and leave their websites to gather dust. We work with our clients post-launch to ensure their site is visible in relevant search results, local business listings, and in news aggregates/feeds so users won’t have trouble finding them. Whether your business has never had a website before or you’re looking for a redesign, a properly developed site will help your business rank better in search engines.

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